Weekly Card Challenge

Welcome to the Scarlet Moon Card of the Week Challenge.

The aim of the challenge is to make a minimum of one card per week (unless more are stated in the weekly challenge) so that you build up a stock of handmade cards for various occasions that can be grabbed and sent out as needed. Perfect for those times you forget – or run out of time. 

  1. You should make one card to fit the weekly theme (exception a few times through the year when a matching set is requested!)
  2. You can use premade card blanks, card making kits, or make them completely from scratch. The cards can be any size. 
  3. Unless stated otherwise in the weekly challenge, you can use any materials and tools available to you. 
  4. If a specific occasion is not mentioned as part of the weekly challenge, you can use any sentiment you wish, or leave the card blank for generic occasions – or to add a sentiment later. 
  5. Really the only rule is that it must fit the theme for the week – but you can interpret it as you wish. 

Each weekly challenge will be posted in the Facebook group and on My Instagram Account on a Monday Morning(GMT) and your creation should be shared by the following Sunday. 

Share your creations on social media using the hashtag #SMCWeeklyCards or add the week number too #SMCWeeklyCardsWeek1, #SMCWeeklyCardsWeek2, and so on! You can also upload your creation to the weekly album in the Facebook group!

Themes Used So Far

  • Week One – Jan 3, 2020 : Start With a Sparkle!